Residential Care

Wendleberrie House philosophy of care:

  • Privacy
  • Dignity
  • Security
  • Medical Care

Overview or our primary care principles:


A resident’s room is treated as their private home. Members of staff will always knock and wait for a positive response before entering. However, where there may be concern for the safety of the resident, a second member of staff will be summoned to witness entry without consent. When entertaining relatives or friends, residents can instruct staff members that they do not wish to be disturbed. Residents are entitled to make and receive communications without the oversight of staff or management. All consultation and discussion on health and other personal matters take place in a private place and any information kept on file is treated with the highest degree of confidentiality and respect possible.


The dignity of residents is respected at all times. Our clients are always treated with respect which re-enforces their personality and individuality, addressing them in their preferred style, taking note of any specific cultural demands and aiming for relations between staff and client to be warm and trusting but appropriate to their different role
residential care interiors

We aim to provide an environment and structure of support in our residential care home which responds to this need by:

i) Offering assistance with tasks and in situations, which would otherwise be dangerous for residents.

ii) Avoiding as far as possible the dangers, especially common among older people, notably the risk of falling.

iii) Protecting residents from all forms of abuse and from all possible abusers. Providing readily accessible channels for dealing with complaints by residents.

iv) Creating an atmosphere in the home which residents experience as open, positive and inclusive.

Medical Care

Resident’s existing practitioner can be used. Most residents are registered with one surgery who look after our homes needs and the GP provides a weekly ward round to check on residents. Doctors' visits are requested when necessary. We also use 3Q Pharmacy, located close by (within a 5-minute walk) that provide all of our residents' medication needs via a monitored dosage system.
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